Global Dignity International

Global Dignity is the initiative of three friends who met within the Young Global Leaders, a community working under the aegis of the World Economic Forum. They are ASR Hakoon Crown Prince of Norway, Professor Pekka Himanen (Finland) and American entrepreneur John Hope Bryant – founder of Operation HOPE.
What brought them together was their common belief that a conversation about dignity is a good start to support children and young people to better understand who they are and how they can become the best version of themselves, how they can achieve their full potential. However, this approach states their common belief that dignity is a collaborative value: our dignity is closely linked to the dignity of others, therefore one should contribute not only to develop his own dignity, but also to strengthen the dignity of others.

Pekka Himanen, John Hope Bryant și ASR Hakoon Prințul Moștenitor al Norvegiei
Pekka Himanen, John Hope Bryant and HRH Prince Haakon of Norway

Thus, Global Dignity undertook a mission to promote the fundamental right of everyone to have a dignified life, and efforts are guided by the principles of dignity, as we see them:

  • We believe dignity is an inherent part of the human condition.
  • We believe most young people struggle with the question “Who am I?” and search for who they want to be.
  • Our goal is to have an ongoing discussion with young people about values in a defining period of their life.
  • Demnitatea ar trebui să fie principiul de referință și baza tuturor acțiunilor noastre.
  • We believe that young people empower themselves with and through dignity.

The main activity of the international organization is Dignity Day, an event through which Global Dignity pursues its mission in challenging young people to see the importance of dignity for their development and encourage them to acquire the principles of dignity in all aspects of their lives.

Global Dignity in Romania

In Romania, Global Dignity Association promotes the international organization’s mission, namely to promote the fundamental right of every human to lead a dignified life. As activity, Global Dignity is running in Romania a series of events in schools where students are challenged to discover the concept of dignity and to understand the importance of dignity for their development.

During these events, sessions are moderated by Global Dignity volunteers, which bring in front of the children outstanding personal and professional experiences. We try therefore to connect children with successful role models, from which to draw inspiration for the path they are building for they own.

Global Dignity Association is an apolitical and non-religious organization.


The mission of Global Dignity is to promote the fundamental right of every human to lead a dignified life.


Our vision is the belief that by inspiration, guidance and encouragement young people can become better for themselves and for those around them. To us, it is important the way they grow, so we aim at generating conversations


The values that motivate us are:



In our understanding, dignity means fulfilling your potential! We have taken this step because we believe that everyone is entitled to a chance to become the best version of themselves, to reach their full potential. We aim at having great contribution to the development of new generations for which dignity not just a nice word written on paper, but a fact, their own reality.
Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility

We firmly believe that to create a world where everyone can become the best version of themselves, we need to cultivate individual and social ownership. Taking responsibility over things involves courage. When kids grow up they learn courage and how to practice it with support from others. We commit to providing this support to children and young people we work with.


For us learning means curiosity, the power to say “I want to know” and openness towards what is new and different. Learning is the best tool to sidestep prejudices. Change and evolution occur only when there is a desire to learn new things. Learning creates free and autonomous individuals.

2016 is the year that Global Dignity Association team is expanding and in addition to Dignity Day, the organization develops the Dignity Class project. In 2016, the Global Dignity Association develops a constant activity in working with schools – only the first part of the year, 1900 students were involved in the Global Dignity events of 25 schools with the support of 170 teachers and 54 volunteers.

2015 The Dignity Day event increased in scale and already 258 students go through this experience. It is where the foundations of a constant action is set, in order to promote the concept of dignity in Romania.

2014 Dignity Day event continues to be held in several schools in Bucharest. That same year the Global Dignity Association is formally created and there are efforts made in order to build an organization that aims at creating various activities in addition to Dignity Day, in order to increase awareness among young people regarding the concept of dignity.

2013 Coordination of Dignity Day in Romania was taken over by Codrut Pascu, as he becomes a member of Young Global Leaders earlier in the year. The event was celebrated with students and teachers C. N. Mihai Viteazul Bucharest.

2012 A second edition of the event took place in 2012, thanks to the efforts of Silvia Cristus and students of the National College Gheorghe Lazar Bucharest, participants or volunteers of the 2011 edition.

2011 Dignity Day, under the international event concept, was first held in Romania in 2011. Silvia Cristus, together with volunteers from the Leaders Foundation, AEPADO and Școala de Valori, organized an event dedicated to students in five high schools in Bucharest: CN Gh. Lazar, NC Ghe. Şincai, N. Kretzulescu C.N. Ion Creangă and C.N. Eminescu, who worked together to reach a better understanding of the concept of “dignity”. There was an extraordinary involvement from the students’ side, and this has created the motivation to celebrate Dignity Day the following year as well.

At the end of each event, we ask students to tell us an idea they take with them after the experience they went through. Here are some impressions collected from them about what means dignity in their vision and how the experience of the event was for them:

What teachers say: