04 May 2017

Today. Now.

On Friday we are launching the first events of the Today. Now. program.

This will be the start of a new Global Dignity program, through which we want to give children the opportunity to see how powerful and valuable their daily actions are. And that they are the ones who create the world around them and model it. Today. Now. is a continuation of the Dignity Day program, when students write a letter to their future self,  a letter that we bring them back a year later.

Today. Now. is the ”one year later” event, where we return their letters and discuss what they have aimed at, about how the future they imagine and aspire at, looks like. The first ” one year later ” is coming soon, and we will return to the same children we have worked with in the past. And we will do the same every time a year later, we will meet the same children whom we have encouraged to imagine how they could get to their best version, in order to create the transition from the aspirational dimension, to the present now and to the action.

Through Today. Now. We have a new interaction with them and a new opportunity to strengthen the message for them. At first we told them “Think about your best version of yourself and what you can do and wish to do in the next year to get closer to it”. Now, we are telling them: “Think again about the best version of yourself. Where are you now, how do you get there? Build yourself every day through your actions and reactions, and through you, you will build the world you want to live in. Start today.”

At the end of the sessions, the children will have a number of actions they write down. Some actions belong to themselves, and some are inspired by the ideas of their colleagues. We wish them to influence each other with concrete and constructive actions and reactions.

The concept of the Today. Now. program has been created together with our friends from Human Invest. Inspired by their motto “Leadership is Everyone’s Business,” we are initiating a dialogue about dignity in which we encourage young people to take initiative and take responsibility for their own worthy future and implicitly the road to the best version of themselves. A big ”Thank you” to Human Invest and Viorel Panaite.

10 Oct 2016

Dignity Day

Just two days from now, our organization will celebrate Dignity Day worldwide, in more than 80 countries around the globe.

We are happy to organize this event at Mihai Viteazul high school in Bucharest. The teachers from Viteazul were very interested in have their school involved in this international action.

We will meet with approx. 150 students and we will talk about their own perspectives in dignity and their stories.

In the evening of that day, we will celebrate Dignity Day with our supporters too. Will have with us our volunteers, partners, friends and enthusiast supporter to tell them ”Thank you!” for all the support they are showing us.

We are excited about October 12 and the joy it will bring us.

We are happy to start a new school year, as well as our activities within the schools.

This year, our team of volunteers has expanded, we are already 37 people that working for the events. They are either helping with IT or graphic design, or they prepare themselves to facilitate class sessions with students.
We are all very excited to go to schools, to meet new students or students we already met in our previous events s.

We already have a significant number of events in our agenda and we are so very happy to see this great interest schools have shown in our work. As our agenda becomes full day by day, we strongly recommend teachers to write us on contact@globaldignity.ro as soon as possible, to be able to add them on our schedule.

This being said, we wish everybody good luck in the new school year and great learning experiences!
See you soon!

Global Dignity is an international initiative, started by three friends who believe in the right of everybody to achieve their full potential in becoming the best version of themselves.

Here in Romania, we aim at creating a strong association within the Romanian society between dignity as concept and the little things happening at each individual level, in order to create a global impact by uniting our common efforts.

We believe it is our responsibility to contribute in building a society where courage, initiative, respect, self esteem are not just some words that sound good, but the foundation of our actions. And children are the ones that need to learn this soon as possible, to internalize and to link these words to their own life, to what they can become – the best version of themselves.

This mission is an ongoing effort in working with schools, teachers, volunteers and companies that are opened in supporting our process.
Here is the space where we will post constant updates about what we do, about our initiatives and results.
We will be glad to get your feed-back and to learn that you will want to join our actions.