Global Dignity is an international initiative, started by three friends who believe in the right of everybody to achieve their full potential in becoming the best version of themselves.

Here in Romania, we aim at creating a strong association within the Romanian society between dignity as concept and the little things happening at each individual level, in order to create a global impact by uniting our common efforts.

We believe it is our responsibility to contribute in building a society where courage, initiative, respect, self esteem are not just some words that sound good, but the foundation of our actions. And children are the ones that need to learn this soon as possible, to internalize and to link these words to their own life, to what they can become – the best version of themselves.

This mission is an ongoing effort in working with schools, teachers, volunteers and companies that are opened in supporting our process.
Here is the space where we will post constant updates about what we do, about our initiatives and results.
We will be glad to get your feed-back and to learn that you will want to join our actions.


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