Today. Now.

Today. Now. continues the Dignity Day event. We get back to schools after a year and talk to students about their action plans.

This is the moment when we bring them back the letters they wrote to their future self, in the previous year. During Today. Now. events, we encourage the young students to think again about the best version of themselves. We encourage them to ask themselves: Where do I find myself now relative to the best version of myself? How do I get there?

The message we send is: ”Build yourself every day through your actions and reactions. And through building yourself, you will build the world in which you want to live. Start

Today. Now. How? By always acting and reacting in a concrete and constructive manner. Today. Now.

Dignity Day

Dignity Day is an international event which contributes to the Global Dignity mission - to promote the fundamental right of every human to lead a dignified life.

Through Dignity Day we aim at challenging young people to see the importance of dignity for their development and inspire them to practice the principles of dignity in all aspects of their lives.

The structure of the event involves approx. 70-100 students for three hours, who firstly interact in one same large space, and also separately, in groups of 4-6 students. They work together and they are guided by our volunteers in this process, with tools and specific exercises work. Then all fellow students present their findings and conclusions from the work groups about what dignity means to them and their own understanding on the topic.

During the event, students are encouraged to identify relevant situations from their own experiences, friends or even fictional characters, situations illustrating what dignity means to them. They also write a letter to their future self. We encourage them to write down ways in which they aim to influence in a positive manner their own dignity and the dignity of others. After a year, we return their letters in an event that is part of the Today. Now. program.

Dignity Class

Dignity Class is a locally developed event, derived from Dignity Day. We are running it when time and space do not allow us to work with a large number of students simultaneously.

The structure of the event involving approx. 20-35 students - usually one class - for an hour. Similarly, students are engaged in conversations that encourages them to become aware that dignity is a fundamental right of everyone and the basis of personal becoming.

By different tools and exercises, we encourage students to find their own definition of dignity and create connections with their experiences and how dignity is a value that we deal with on a daily basis.